Anna Shukeylo

I live, relive, observe and analyze. My imagery originates from impressions of my own childhood home, but has taken on the form of nostalgic remembrance in other domestic spaces. The life lived, and the people who came and went appear as energies within my described and deconstructed spaces. Each image is a capsule of compressed time, enhanced with imagination. I juggle the sensation of absence and presence, often leaving plot out of the story.

The vital space of a home, whether my own, that of a loved one, or even a transient stranger exude a concrete essence that I strive to capture in my imagery. As both an observer and outsider, I allow daydreams and recollections to narrate voyeuristic glimpses into real foreign spaces, strangers call home. ┬áThe spontaneity of this superficial invasion is a forbiddingly thrilling glimpse into another’s world.